Code of Conduct

John Allison Code of Conduct

The purpose of our Code of Conduct is to support all of us in our quest to fulfill our Mission

John Allison School is a safe and caring place where everyone can succeed. Together we learn from
our shared experiences, encourage personal growth, and value a lifetime of learning.

Conduct Expectations:
We believe all of us at John Allison Elementary should act in the following way.
• Respect yourself, others and the school
• Demonstrate responsibility
• Behave according to the Golden Rule – Treat Others As You Would Like them To Treat You
• Use your WITS in conflict and bullying situations

W=Walkaway    I = Ignore     T = Talk it out    S = Seek help

Some examples of acceptable conduct
• Being positive with yourself and others
• Bucket Filler – someone who adds to the happiness bucket of other people
• Helping out in all situations – for example being kind to a new student and/ or cleaning up
around the school
• Be the master, not the victim of your actions
• Be brave – participate to progress
• Taking responsibility for your home reading
Some examples of unacceptable conduct
• Interfering with the learning of others by being disruptive, intimidating
and/or unkind
• Bucket Dipper – someone who dips into and takes away from the
happiness bucket of other people
• Bullying or bothering others
• Acting in an unsafe manner
As students mature we expect increasing personal responsibility, self-regulation, and

The meaning of discipline is “to teach.” Therefore, action in response to unacceptable behaviour
is, whenever possible, restorative. Students are encouraged to participate i
the development of meaningful actions that will make restitution to others and to
themselves. It is important the child to be able to state the problem and to
acknowledge their responsibility in the issue.
Consequences are as immediate as possible and appropriate to the action.
Consequences can include, but are not limited to, removal from the classroom or
playground, conferences with the principal, and some form of restitution with others involved. In
cases of severe behaviour infractions parents will be asked to meet wit
staff and students may be suspended.
• Parents of students exhibiting unacceptable behaviour will be informed by the
• School District Officials will be informed of unacceptable behaviour as required
by district policy.
BC Human Rights Code
All participants in school activities, events, or business shall conduct themselves in accordance
with the BC Human Rights Code and its basic principles of respect and fairness. John Allison
elementary promotes the values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code respecting the
rights of all individuals in accordance with the law – prohibiting discrimination based on
race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or
mental disability, gender or sexual orientation – in respect of discriminatory publication
and discrimination in accommodation, service and facility in the school environment.
The school will treat seriously, behaviour or communication that discriminates based on
any of the prohibited grounds listed above.
The John Allison Elementary Code of Conduct has been structured to align wit
and adhere to the standards outlined:
The School Act 85 (1.1) 168 (2) (s.1) Provincial Standards Ministerial order 276/07,
effective October 17, 2007
BC Human Rights Code, (SD 36 Policy No. 10900 and Regulation No. 10900 and
Regulation No. 10900.1)
BC Ministry of Education: Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools A Guide (Nov. 2008) and
Developing and Reviewing Codes of Conduct: A Companion (Aug. 2007), both found at